All of Jackson Whites Instructors have at least 16 years experience in Tae Kwon Do, having followed the same training syllabus to achieve their current Dan (black belts) grades.

Each instructor has a unique style of instruction, evolved from their experience within the T.A.G.B. Whether you want to follow the traditional art or compete in the competition side of the sport, Jackson Whites instructors have the knowledge, experience, expertise and most importantly the enthusiasm to ensure you are given the best tuition possible.


All of Jackson White Taekwondo Schools instructors contine to train and develop their skills under the watchful eye of Master Jackson White.



World Master Jackson White 8th Dan

 Mr Jay Hackett 6th Dan  Mrs Flo Hackett 4th Dan  Mr Jackson White Jnr 3rd Dan
Mr Wyane Kent 2nd Dan   Mr Tim Sandhu 3rd Dan  Mr Mark Robson 2nd Dan